The Ticonderoga Branch

of the

Delaware & Hudson Railroad

Change Date
11 Nov 2013
All Sections
New photos & material. Some reorganization.
10 Jun 2012
All Sections
Major update with new material.
26 Feb 2011
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12 Jul 2009
Ticonderoga Railroad
New information from Engineering News and American Railroad Journal.
31 May 2009
General reorganization of all material. Additional photos included.
07 Jul 2006
Baldwin Branch
Added pictures and text for the May 2006 postal covers commemorating the Baldwin Branch Station.
09 Sep 2005
Major Update
Modified table of contents, adding new sections with some rearrangement of information. Included new snow train information, rail excursion information, and accidents. Also includes some new photos.
29 Jan 2005
Added new table of contents reflecting the addition of the "accidents" section. This section details many of the railroad related accidents in the Ticonderoga area.
12 Nov 2004
New information on the closing of Baldwin Station.
10 Nov 2004
Snow Trains
New information on the inception of snow trains coming to Ticonderoga.
11 Oct 2004
Changes & Updates
Addition of "Changes & Updates" section.

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